Statutory Rape and Sex Assault on a Child

The term “statutory rape” is generally used to describe the situation where an adult has engaged in sexual conduct with a minor who has not reached the age of consent.  Statutory rape is a criminal offense requiring aggressive criminal defense by an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.  Bexar, nor any other county in Texas, actually … Read more

Sex Assault on a Child

While other Texas area criminal defense attorneys merely “handle” such cases, the Texas sexual crimes lawyers specialize in cases involving charges of Sex Assault on a Child, i.e., Child Sex Assault, including those charged as “Pattern of abuse” and/or “Position of Trust”.  This means that our sex assault on a child attorneys are better prepared, better … Read more

Sexual Exploitation & Child Pornography

The possession, publication, and/or production of child pornography is a serious criminal sex offense in Texas, and all other Texas jurisdictions.  In Texas, the formal criminal charge for child porn allegations is Sexual Exploitation of Children.  Accusations of possession or distribution of child pornography can often lead to a stigma that will affect one’s reputation … Read more

Internet Luring of a Child & Enticement of a Child

With the growth of the internet over the past few years, allegations of computer sex crimes has grown with it. Police and other law enforcement agencies have put a tremendous amount of resources into trying to find those who commit computer sex crimes. The TX Internet Luring and Child Enticement criminal defense attorneys specialize in … Read more

The Role of the Defense Lawyer in Criminal Justice

Criminal defense attorneys believe that they, as well as all attorneys in the San Antonio, TX criminal defense bar, play an essential role in our system of criminal justice. The following article is part one of a series describing the role that criminal defense attorneys play in our society and the challenges faced by those … Read more

Definitions, Scope, and Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

Most professionals are fairly certain they know what child sexual abuse is, and there is a fair amount of agreement about this. For example, today very few people would question the inclusion of sexual acts that do not involve penetration. Despite this level of consensus, it is important to define what sexual abuse is because … Read more

Professionals Work On Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Professionals Often Feel Pulled In Several Directions In Their Work On Child Sexual Abuse Cases Although most professionals want to help the victim, potentially competing concerns include the feeling that sex offenders should be punished, a concern that the offender may be dangerous to others, a belief that sexual abuse is a mental health problem, … Read more